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Planning, design, and development go hand in hand. Let's work together to find an solution that meets your needs.


Planning is key to success in technology. The process of creation begins with analysis.


Responsive design ensures good experience across the wide range of devices used to access the internet.


Development best practices informed by ten years of experience in the field.


Reliable hosting and monitoring for continuous availability across the internet.



I am a full stack web developer living in Philadelphia. I am polyglot and a technologist with 10 years of experience working across a variety of platforms, and with a variety of individuals and organizations.

I believe that technology has the ability to transform our world for the better and I believe that my work has the ability to change peoples' lives for the better, as well. I am excited to be working in an ever-changing field, and am always looking forward to new relationships and to the next challend. I hope that we have the opporitunity to work together and lookg forward to meeting you, or to working together again!

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Brightpoint Health Suboxone treatment web page

Brightpoint Health

Updated Brightpoint Health clinic's site with new programming data and SEO optimization.

Montreal open data web page

Montreal Open Data

Led a team of developers working on the city of Montreal's open data portal.

Georgia Board of Physicians web page

Georgia Board of Physicians

Led development on the State of Georgia's 'Physician's Workforce Data' interactive site featuring data visualizations using React, and DKAN open data platform.


With ten years of experience in the trade, I have worked with a variety of technologies and kept up with the ever-changing landscape of the internet. Here are just a few of my key proficiencies.


Custom Wordpress development, hosting, and support


Responsive front-end development.

Node JS

Server-side (and Serverless!) Javascript

Data Visualization

Data dashboards, pipelines, and insights


D3, Leaflet, and a variety of Geospatial platforms

Back End

Other back end technologies including Python


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